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brain no backgroundYour brain is an amazing organ. It gives you the power to think, solve problems, imagine, be creative and communicate with others. It’s also the main ‘switchboard’ and control center for many of your bodily functions: body temperature, heart rate and breathing.  Your brain receives and processes a vast amount of information about the world around you – what you see, touch, smell and hear.  it also manages how you feel.

So your brain heath affects much more than just your ability to think fast.  When your brain loses its ability to do its job properly you lose motivation and interest and you have trouble learning new things. Even your senses don’t operate as they should, so the way you experience the world around you is dulled. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to give your brain health a boost.


In his book “Why Isn’t my Brain Working?” Dr. Datis Kharrazian connects your brain health to many other health issues.  Depression tops the list.  According to a CDC study, anti-depressants are now the number one medication prescribed in the USA.  However, there is evidence that depression develops when the frontal lobes of the brain  don’t fire as they should. That;s why people suffering from depression can’t concentrate and struggle to remember things. Any depression not triggered by a severe emotional or traumatic event  is a sign that the brain is failing. Restoring your brain health naturally can handle this type of depression. Best of all, there will be no side effects!


The severe mood swings of premenstrual syndrome or menopause and the ‘grumpy old man’ syndrome of andropause, are all a sign of hormone-driven chemical imbalances and inflammation in the brain. A healthy brain can prevents or correct these symptoms. The four priorities to balance are  blood sugar with Proglyco SP,  Improving the gallbladder and liver with Bilemin, improve the immune balance with Ultra D and X Viromin and the addition of essential oils with Super EFA  all from Apex Energetics.

Thyroid Symptoms

Anyone suffering from a thyroid disorder has experienced brain fog, depression and anxiety. Most often these conditions contribute to and exacerbate the decay of your brain health. The Repair and Clear program can prove valuable in many cases to decrease Thyroid autoimmune attacks.


Genetically modified food, gluten, fried foods, too many sweet and refined foods is also a contributing factor to the deterioration of your brain health.

Restoring your Brain Health, Naturally 

  1. Eat the organic natural foods
  2. Avoid sugar and highly refined foods
  3. Avoid fast foods, fried food sand trans fats
  4. Eat regular small meals rich in protein and healthy oils to keep your blood sugar level
  5. Eat food rich in Omega 3s.  Try krill oil or better yet Brain DHA.
  6. Exercise regularly.  Exercise improves the nerve cells and increases blood flow to the brain
  7. East coconut oil.  start with a small amount and build up gradually.
  8. Vitamin D increases nerve growth in your brain
  9. Your ‘gut’ is your considered second brain and keeping the intestinal flora in balance is vital to your brain health
  10. Challenge your mid – play brain games based on the science of neuro-plasticity.  Use sites like

Suggested Supplements

The four most remarkable Brain supplements are Neuro O2® for circulation, Neuroflam-NT  for essential brain protection and enhancement, ACETYL-CH™ ACTIVE for improving the most common memory and nerve signaling needs and  Phyto Brain-E  the highest level of the needed oils to improve the structure of the brain cells 

For more details in addition to those above use the links below and do the Brain Test for your most needed support