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My Philosophy

My philosophy is that you and your doctor are a team with the common goal of good health for you. Being a good doctor means being a good detective. I look for the weak areas in your overall health to find and treat the source of the problem. I don’t settle for treating symptoms and neither should you.

Nutrition plays a big role in a healthy lifestyle. As an example, it is a medically (scientifically) proven fact that for pennies a day vital B vitamins can avert conditions that could lead to heart disease. This is not just my opinion; it was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) as long ago as 1998!

“These results support the view that current recommended dietary allowances for (folate and vitamin B6) are too low to provide optimal protection against cardiovascular disease and need to be revised accordingly for the population as a whole.” JAMA February 4, 1998;279:359-364, 392-393.

You’re reading this blog because you‘re looking for ways to improve your health. My advice is to find a route that makes you feel more alive and helps you become healthier. Find the solution that you feel you could actually implement and then succeed at that. Take it one step at a time, becoming healthier gradually. Later try another route or activity that you are sure you could follow through on and succeed at that. In this way you guarantee your solutions will not become another problem, as you are now more in control of your health.

Your personal health choices will be easier to make if you are presented with easy-to-grasp scientific discoveries and vital facts. I have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. My hope is that all the training and clinical experience I have had may lead the way to an improved understanding for you and assist you in restoring your health, naturally. I take great care to select only the very best quality vitamins and health care products for my patients. These products are now available to you.

Remember, only you and your doctor can decide what is best for you. That’s you and your doctor. Not just your doctor alone. Become an informed patient and lead the search for better health.

I look forward to assisting you to restore your health, naturally.

Dr. Neal Springer.