Liver Disease Symptoms |

MAle liver anatomyYour liver is one of the most amazing organs in the body. It’s vital to many functions of the body and even if 80% of your liver was cut away, it can grow back to normal size in just three months!  So even if you have liver disease symptoms, it’s quite possible to regenerate your liver.

How do you know if your liver is not functioning as it should? Here are some of the symptoms of liver disease:

  1. Any symptom due to an excessive amount of hormones, be it estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, etc., could be due to a malfunction in the secreting organ or could be due to an overtaxed or sluggish liver being unable to degrade it.
  2. Increased cholesterol levels can be from overproduction by the liver.
  3. Abdominal bloating, tenderness over the liver area.
  4. Acne, skin rashes, photophobia, constipation, itching, fatigue, loss of appetite, yellow tinge to skin (due to excessive bilirubin), bitter or metallic taste in the mouth can all be signs of liver disease.
  5. Split ends and brittle nails may indicate liver dysfunction.
  6. Symptoms of hypothyroidism can be due to excess estrogen in the blood, due to the liver not breaking it down.
  7. Blood sugar handling problems due to the glucose-glycogen-glucose conversion. Large swings in blood sugar can be due to a diseased liver.
  8. Liver congestion can cause hypertension leading to pressure in the veins causing hemorrhoids or varicose veins.
  9. Pain between the shoulder blades
  10. Inability to digest fats properly and decreased resistance to infection can all indicate liver dysfunction.
  11. Swelling in legs due to an overtaxed liver being unable to destroy extra anti-diuretic hormone.
  12. People with a large number of food allergies almost always have some type of liver dysfunction.

Restoring Your Liver Health, Naturally

  1. Figure out if you have ay allergies and eliminate all of those foods and any toxins form your diet.
  2. Identify and treat any chronic, subclinical infections.
  3. Eat beets, black radish and dark greens.  These foods are very cleansing for the liver. The juice of 1/2 of a large beet daily will help (more can be too cleansing and cause nausea).
  4. The juice of 1/2 of a lemon in a glass of warm water upon rising every morning will also help cleanse the liver.
  5. Avoid fried foods, roasted nuts, peanut butter, vegetable oil, margarine and meat.
  6. Abstain from drinking alcohol
  7. Don’t smoke
  8. Avoid caffeine, chocolate and non-essential medications (this should only be done under supervision of physician).
  9. Keep sugar and concentrated sweets to a minimum. Keep this up strictly for 3 months.
  10. Drink a lot of water and get plenty of exercise and sunshine to help stimulate the channels of elimination.
  11. Live where the air and water are clean. Try to avoid sprayed foods, harsh cleansers, deodorants, food additives, cosmetics, etc.
  12. If you have pain between the shoulder blades, or have a sitting job or bad posture, see a good chiropractor to check for spinal misalignment.
  13. Rub a reflex area on the right side between the 5th and 6th ribs from under the nipple to the sternum. Do this for 1 minute, every other day, for 2 weeks.
  14. In infants with neonatal jaundice, sunlight, a full spectrum artificial light, or blue light will bring dramatic results. In conjunction with this, charcoal will also help. Put 1 teaspoon of charcoal in a cup of water, strain it, and then fill your baby’s bottle with the water. Sunlight and charcoal, due to their detoxifying properties, are also helpful in adult liver disorders.
  15. For breaking up liver congestion, dip a piece of flannel or cotton in warm castor oil, set it on the liver and cover it with plastic. Secure it in place and use overnight. Do this three times over two weeks.
  16. A fairly deep massage over the liver area below the ribs will help stimulate and cleanse a sluggish liver.

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3.      Thera Supreme

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6.       Tulsi Supreme

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